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In the aftermath of John Salvi’s murder spree at two Greater Boston clinics, leaders from opposing sides of the abortion debate met together in secret talks. None of the participants would change their minds. But the dialogues would change their lives.

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Screenings come with a set of free customized resources, including the official ABORTION TALKS dialogue guide by Essential Partners. Select screenings will also have an opportunity to welcome an Essential Partners practitioner, the filmmakers, and/or the abortion leaders featured in the documentary for a dialogue program or a panel conversation.

The documentary and supporting materials together provide you with everything you'll need to have healthier, deeper, more connective conversations about abortion in your context. If you feel you need more support to hold a successful post-screening dialogue event, Essential Partners experts are also available for a free phone consultation.


For the Press

Click here to download the complete press kit. To arrange a press screener, an interview with the filmmakers, Josh Sabey and Sarah Perkins, an interview with an Essential Partners expert, or an interview with participating members of THE ABORTION TALKS dialogues, please contact:

Daniel Pritchard
Essential Partners
(617) 923-1216, Ext 24

“Powerful evidence of the ‘unimaginable’.”
Clara Germani, The Christian Science Monitor

“Excellent, important, timely, urgent and needs to be seen and discussed widely.”
Peter Coleman, author of The Way Out

About the Documentary     |     Host a Screening     |     Where to Watch     |     Press     |     Learn the Skills of Dialogue