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Essential Partners helps communities foster trust, understanding, and connection across polarizing differences of values, beliefs, and identities. EP's trademark dialogue approach, developed over three decades, is proven to improve communication norms, deepen relationships, and strengthen group cohesion while reducing dysfunction al dynamics—all without asking a single person to compromise their essential values and beliefs. 

Every collaboration is customized according to the unique needs of the community, organization, or campus. No two are alike. Partners will be provided with the skills and support they need to create lasting change, including:

  • Individualized planning, mapping, and preparation
  • Custom training, design, and/or consultation
  • Continued coaching from expert practitioners
  • Robust follow-up evaluations to measure impact
  • Access to exclusive EP resources
  • Exclusive opportunities for continued learning

Please include: any issues you want to address, your goals, and useful context (such as a precipitating incident).